The Princes of the Apocalypse

E5 - Arriving in Red Larch

The missing delegation

- The group arrives in Red Larch, meet the Lord's Alliance contact, Maegla Tarnlar.
- They learned that Ravia is still hidden, Maegla's spies are working on it. There's an increase of bandits attacks on the roads and crazy weather events. Also a important delegation from Mirabar has disappeared. They were bringing to Summit Hall rare books and magical objects.
- Nala found the Zentharim contact, the baker Magobarl Lorren . They are also in search of the delegation but because of the cargo, as rumors says they were transporting powerful artifacts. Two spies have also been sent to investigate on the Feathergale Knights – a strange group of noble from Waterdeep living East of Red Larch – but never came back.
- An evening  in the Tavern allowed the group to gather some rumors.

  • The barmaid, Kaylessa, thinks all the troubles are coming from dark magic in Lance Rock
  • The village of Phandalin is growing fast, some lost mines have been reopened.
  • The house of the new stonecutter has disappeared in a sinkhole. A tragedy that will help the business of the old stonecutter, the Elder Dornen Firestone 
  • Laman Greenboot found some fresh graves in the East of the river, 
  • A group of bards played last week, they left for the Feathergale Society. One of them was a great flutist and had a flute that moved like a snake

- The group went to Beliard, on the trace of the missing delegation. The Inn Keeper confirmed that the delegation was here 4 weeks ago. There was also a strange man in grey robe wearing a stone mask in the dark corner of the Inn. He also saw a human riding a Hippogriff leaving the village little time after the delegation.
- The group went then south and reach the marked area of the map. They found 20 stones piles, each containing corpse – probably dead between 3-4 weeks. Most of them were soldiers, 1 dwarf that looks more like a assistant, one cultist wearing a blue outfit with feather and a human wearing grey robe with a stone mask. All of them have a mark on their forehead.

Tracks led to the river showing the trace of a boat.
- the group continued then towards Summit Hall, a monastery home of the Knights of Samular, dedicated to the god of Justice Tyr, and learned that not one single delegate ever arrived here safely. The Head of the Order, Lady Ushien Stormbanner , recall old stories about similar masks and will try to get more information.

- Without new leads, the group decide to investigate the Feathergale Society. Most people describe them as weird noble from Waterdeep, aerial enthusiasts. They arrive at night, finding the drawbridge raised up. Tempting to bluff their way in, they ring the bell and were surprisingly welcomed by Savra, a knight apprentice of the Spire and invited in for the night. Tomorrow morning, Savra will lead them to their Lord.




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